Employee Spotlight – Julie Glew

by shari on January 16, 2014

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What got you started in the furniture/design Business?

I got started in the design world in high school, taking Interior Design classes. I grew up surrounded by the arts, being an active member in dance, orchestra and band classes.  My passion for the arts consumed most of my free time growing up. From there I polished my design skills in college, and graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Interior Design, and a minor in Business Management.

Where have you worked during your career?

I have worked at Now and Then Designs, Inc. in Greenville; a high end residential design store, dabbled in office systems at Taff Office Furniture Co. during college and went to work at Full Service Flooring full time directly out of college.  A few months later I made my home in Wilmington with Custom Home.

Who are some of your favorite designers (and why?)

Some of my favorite designers are the women who taught me everything I know about the design world. The owners and designers of Now and Then Designs, Inc. took me in as a fresh faced college student and over the next four years working under them I learned what it took to become successful in this industry. Not only did they teach me to have flexibility in my style aesthetic, in order to satisfy different client needs, they also taught me the business and social side of the design world.

What is your favorite design style/aesthetic?

My favorite design aesthetic would be a cottage inspired look. I enjoy mixing different styles and textures to create a welcoming and comfy room with layers and dimension.  Also, using an eclectic mix of small pieces and unique details always adds a great finishing touch to any space.

What is your most interesting room design or sale story?

I can’t say I have once specific room design or sale story that is my most interesting so far.  As I learn and grow as a designer, every day is a new experience for me.  I welcome new design challenges and customers daily and look forward to making my clients happy and help them achieve their dream home in the end.

What advice do you have for someone with a new home and a limited budget?

My advice to them is to do your research to get a realistic idea of what you want to accomplish within your home. Consider furnishing your house room my room, taking small steps can help alleviate financial strains. Be upfront with any designer you may be working with. By setting a budget from the start your designer can guide you towards purchases within your price range.  And finally, be CREATIVE! Using furniture pieces in unique ways and combing old and new pieces is a great way to create a dimensional space with a lot of character, and a low budget.

What do you see coming for Spring 2014?

For the spring I see the continued use of soft neutrals combined with multiple textures.  Of course the spring season always brings out bright colors but I see them being used in moderation and the emphasis being put on using lots of natural textures and tones. Grey is still in!

Feel free to email Julie with any design or furniture questions.


We look forward to sharing more of Julie’s design tips as well as introducing you to everyone else!


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